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Extreme Gear Labs is a modding and competitive community for the Sonic Riders series. We're the developers behind Sonic Riders DX (formerly Tournament Edition), Sonic Riders Regravitified, Sonic Riders PC Tweakbox, Reloaded 2 modloader, and ExGL Dolphin emulator.

Our discord is the main place to talk about anything Riders, or just Sonic in general. We also host tournaments and other events through this server.

Why mod the Riders games?

Both Sonic Riders games have huge potential as competitive games, but both games sorely lack the finer details necessary. That's where modding comes in.

Both games have issues that have been fixed through modding, such as Dash Panels slowing the player down in OG Sonic Riders or Gravity mechanics being sluggish in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Through QOL changes, the mods have become the best experience even for casual players.

In addition, most gears in both games used to play virtually the same as one another. Modding takes the game to another level by giving every gear a unique way to play and introducing a multitude of new playstyles to explore and master.

This video showcases new features coming to Sonic Riders DX 2.0.

This is a tutorial on how to Boost Chain, an advanced mechanic that is fundamental to competitive play for "Sonic Riders".

What makes Sonic Riders a competitive game?

Sonic Riders sets itself apart from other racing games in a multitude of ways through its advanced mechanics and high skill ceiling.

The most apparent difference is the use of a resource system, which is known as Air in Sonic Riders and GP (Gravity Points) in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. The resource system keeps players on their toes as they have to manage their Air / GP and make decisions based around it.

The second, more subtle, difference is the focus Riders has on interaction between players. Players can attack one another and set up obstacles for their opponent with tornadoes / Gravity Void, creating the primary ways players can interact with one another. Both of these tie into the resource system, so knowing when to attack or place an obstacle is paramount to competitive play.

The last main difference is catchup mechanics. Riders has two unique catchup mechanics. The first is Turbulence, a stream of air players can ride and perform tricks on to gain back Air / GP. The second is Slipstream, which gives speed over time based on how well players follow an opponent.

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Download our mods, Dolphin build, and fangame demo here!

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